Health & Safety

At Inhouse Technologies, Health & Safety Planning & Procedures form a key part of our operational readiness to deliver projects for our Clients. We manage each Client project according to PSCS Guidelines (Project Supervisor Construction Stage) and for each project we provide a dedicated PSCS Supervisor for the duration of the project.

We ensure that all required Health & Safety Procedures are rigorously followed throughout the project, thereby ensuring a safe working environment for our Clients and our Staff. As part of our overall Health & Safety Planning Methodology, we implement – A Safety Policy which details all Health & Safety Procedures and fulfils Legal requirements. For projects we provide a Health & Safety file with a project Risk Assessment and Method statement (RAMS).

Our Staff are trained and certified to comply with Legislative Requirements and also specific Client Requirements. If required, we can undertake specific Health & Safety Training to further certify our Staff as required for some Client sites. Our Staff hold safety induction certificates for many companies such as 2rn and the ESB generating stations.