Inhouse Technologies assists our clients to plan, design and build world class state of the art networks. We were a major partner in the build of many Irish National Monitoring Networks, National FM networks and also the National Digital TV network. 

We provide project management services, including site selection, agreement, planning and design. We run public tendering procurements for clients in terms of technology and site works. We provide PSDP role and health and safety management. We remediate technical and communications issues for clients.

We continue to assist companies to develop and improve national broadcast networks both with antenna and transmission systems. We assist utility companies to overcome telecommunications and broadcast problems when developing wind farms.

We have worked throughout the world on satellite projects, FM radio projects and TV projects through our global network of partners and clients.

Inhouse Technologies has had the privilege to work with some of the world’s leading companies, in some cases as our Clients and in some cases as our Partners.

MEO & Altice
Radio Frequency Site survey at satellite teleport in Portugal
2020 - 2022
Procurement assistance for technical projects at racecourses
2019 - 2020
Horse Racing Ireland
2019 - Outside Broadcasting TV project
2019 – Project management of new AV system at Leopardstown Racecourse
2020 – Project Management of new Outdoor Large screen at Leopardstown Racecourse
2020 – Procurement of large mobile screen display services at racecourses
2017 - 2020
700 MHz DTV Restack project Networks in 2017-2018
Today FM
We delivered a National FM network with Today FM in 2014
2013 - 2014
O3B Networks
Satellite Earth station RF interference studies works 2013
2011 - 2014
Irish Rail
We provided services for Irish rail with Hyundai in years 2011-2013
2007 - 2008
Radio 1, 2FM, RnaG Networks in 2006 - 2007
Tetra network for the ESB
We delivered a Tetra network for the ESB with Rohde and Schwarz in year 2005
worldcast systems
WorldCast Systems
Since 2002, we have been the exclusive Irish agent for Worldcast systems and have installed at least 5 National FM radio networks in Ireland
Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency
Project management of the National Radiation Monitoring Network development project
Commission for Communications Regulation
2019 - Reception monitoring vehicle improvements
2020 - Antenna and feeders installation, test and commissioning at Head office
2019 - 2020
UHF DTV and FM broadcast antennas, spines & steelwork at sites around Ireland
2017 - 2018
Today FM
New Transmitter network in 2014
ESB International
Wind farm planning and remediation works 2013 -2014
Irish Rail
New Train fleet maintenance works 2011 -2014
2011 - 2013
National Saorview DTV
We delivered the National Saorview DTV project with Rohde and Schwarz in year 2007- 2008
2006 - 2007
inhouse technologies
Trial DVB-H network at Ryder cup in 2006
inhouse technologies
Irish Naval Service
Communications refit of LE Eithne ship in 2003
since 2002 to date